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Why It's Important To Frequently Change Your Establishment's Happy Hour Promotions

Happy hour has the potential to be an effective promotion for many different establishments, but there are both good and bad ways to manage it. While it can be tempting to set up a series of happy hour promotions and run them daily or weekly, this might not be in your restaurant or bar's best interest. Instead, think about frequently changing your establishment's happy hour promotions in a number of different ways — for example, offer different foods and drinks at special rates, and even have different themes for different days. Here are some reasons that making these changes is important.

It Keeps The Idea Fresh

Patrons love getting happy hour deals, but they want to feel as though they're getting a deal that is fresh and exciting. If you keep the same happy hour structure for weeks, months, or even years, it can lose its appeal. For example, the idea of 25 percent off nachos and pitchers of beer is appealing, but when this deal remains a long-term fixture of your establishment's happy hour, it will lose its impact for your repeat visitors — and they may start to look for other restaurants that offer happy hour deals that are more exciting. Changing the deals that you offer frequently always helps to keep happy hour fresh.

It Provides An Effective Marketing Idea

Marketing your happy hour specials is a good idea, but even you may feel reluctant to do so when your deals feel stale. For example, you might feel that if you've advertised your deals on beer and nachos for weeks or months, virtually anyone who might ever be interested in visiting you will be aware of this promotion. This can cause people to look right past whatever marketing mediums you use. When you're changing your happy hour promotions up regularly — perhaps every week — you have a good excuse for marketing them.

It Enthuses Your Staff

It's always important to keep your servers and bartenders feeling enthusiastic, but their enthusiasm can wane when they've shared the same happy hour specials to patrons hundreds or perhaps even thousands of times. However, when you're constantly introducing new happy hour promotions, your staff members will be more enthusiastic. The enthusiasm that they show when detailing these promotions to your patrons may cause more patrons to order the specials, thus making your establishment more of an upbeat and exciting place — which will only lead to more revenue.

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Exploring Pizza Oven Options

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