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How To Make Things Easier For Your Server

A server's job is rarely easy. Juggling multiple tables, communicating with the often-stressed kitchen staff, and putting on a smiling face at the same time can take some real finesse. If you go out of your way to make things easier on your server, you'll probably make their day. Here are some simple ways you can do just that:

Figure out what you want to order in a timely manner

When you first sit down and get your menus, make choosing your meal your top priority. Don't get lost in chitchat and forget to make a decision so you have to ask the server to come back later three times. Your server has other tables to take care of, and having to come back again and again to get your order can be frustrating. You'll have plenty of time to catch up with your friends once your order is in, so hold the chatter until after that point.

Make sure everyone at the table asks for drink refills at the same time

Bringing a refilled drink to a table, only to be sent back to the kitchen for another refill, and then another, is frustrating for a server, as it wastes trips to the kitchen. If you want to make your server's job easier, order all of your refills at the same time. Still sipping on a drink while your friends are ordering refills? Say to your server, "I'm still working on this one, but go ahead and bring me another one while you're at it."

Understand that if there is something wrong with your meal, it's usually the fault of the kitchen – not your server

Did you order your burger medium-rare, but get a well-done one? Servers often get blamed and yelled at for mistakes like this that are rarely their own. If something is wrong with your order, do mention it to your server—but do so politely, and don't blame your server. For instance, you could say "I ordered this medium-rare, but it seems the kitchen overcooked it. Could you ask them to make me another one, please?" Rather than "I told you I wanted this medium-rare! Were you not listening?"

It is your server's job to wait on you, and you should not feel bad that he or she has to do that. However, it is kind to make your server's job easier when possible. Treat your server nicely and respect his or her time, and you're more likely to get service (at restaurants like A Taste Of Saigon) with a (genuine) smile.

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Exploring Pizza Oven Options

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