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Low-Carb Choices At A Thai Restaurant For Dieters

For all you dieters who love a tasty meal without the guilt, then look no further than Thai food. You have plenty of options that are low in carbohydrates. It's all a matter of knowing which Thai food picks are the best.


Thai may be known for pasta and rice, yet this ethnic food can still be enjoyed by a dieter watching the carbs. Your first and best tip is to skip the noodles and the rice when ordering out. Also look into these carb-friendly options.


You can't go too wrong with the right Thai salad. Som tam is an ideal choice, consisting of tomatoes, yardlong beans, and papayas mixed in garlic, lime juice, palm sugar, fish sauce, and chili pepper.

Alternatively, you may consider a spicy beef salad. You're looking at beef tenderloin with fresh veggies along with mint and lemongrass. You may also want to sample the Northern Thai seafood salad. Feast on shrimp and squid combined with vegetables. 


When eating Thai, you'll likely be given rice or pasta with your soup. Since this is rich in carbs, you should ask for soup alone. Also ask for soups that do not contain coconut milk, which has some carbs. Opt for clear broth instead.

Tom yam kai is a soup comprised of spicy chicken. Tom yam goong is a shrimp soup full of lemongrass, lime leaves, tamarind, shallots, kaffir, galangal, and chili pepper.


Now onto a selection of entrees. Just keep in mind pad thai is a main dish you should avoid since this deep-fried noodle dish is a nightmare for those who avoid carbs.

Fortunately, satay with a veggie stir fry won't pile on the carbs. Curry of a red, yellow, or green variety is safe as long as you don't combine it with starches.

For meat lovers, consider a meat entree like beef basil, which includes garlic, bell peppers, onion, and chilis; or beef rendang, which features a coconut onion sauce with chilis and lemongrass. 

If chicken is your craving, go for pra raam for a taste involving red peanut sauce poured over spinach. You may also be interested in chicken rendang, which is essentially the same as its beef counterpart. 

As you can see, low-carb dieting is not the end of going out to eat. Pick among several options for an enjoyable experience that will show you a whole new world of eating at a Thai restaurant.

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