Exploring Pizza Oven Options

Leasing Restaurant Equipment Makes Opening Your Restaurant Easier

Opening up a restaurant costs a lot of money. The majority of that money goes towards the overhead. Overhead includes rent or mortgage payments on the building, insurance, and equipment. Good kitchen equipment can cost a lot of money to buy. But you want to make sure that you have really good equipment because it will make cooking and washing much easier. One way to get that really good equipment without having to pay as much is to rent your equipment. One nice thing about renting your equipment is that you can work with the supply company and get on a rent-to-own program.

Have Your Lawyer Check Your Lease Agreement

It's always a good idea to have a lawyer check out any legal papers before you sign them. It's no different when it comes to your lease agreement. You don't want to miss anything that could trip you up. That includes clauses that mean that you have to continue to pay for the equipment for the term of the lease even if your restaurant closes. You may also have to pay an upgrade fee if you want to get better equipment. 

Choose the Right Equipment to Rent

You can rent all the equipment; however, there is some equipment that you will want to buy outright, not on any kind of rent to own program. If you want to buy equipment, make sure that you know which things are best to always rent and which to buy. Things that you want to buy, either outright or on a rent-to-own program include things that will have a long lifespan, like your walk-in. Things that you will always want to rent include your dishwasher and ice machine. Both of those pieces of equipment are going to get a lot of use and may break down. If you choose to rent that equipment, the company you rent from will be the ones in charge of maintaining or repairing that equipment. If whatever is wrong with the equipment can't be easily fixed, the restaurant supply company you use should replace it for you. 

You will want to rent your linens as well. Your linens don't have a very long lifespan at all. They are also going to need a lot of maintenance to make sure that they stay nice and white and stain-free. Let the restaurant supply company handle all the laundry costs and let them replace any damaged linens. That will save you money. 

Starting up your restaurant will cost you a lot of money. Renting equipment will help you save some money and still get the best equipment.  

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Exploring Pizza Oven Options

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