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Pros And Cons Of Adding Cold Cheese Pizza To Your Menu

If you serve New York–style pizza at your pizza takeout restaurant, and you're looking for a new addition to the menu, you might wish to entertain the idea of cold cheese pizza. This variation, which is popular in the northeast but is catching on in other spots around the country, consists of a slice of pizza with a pile of grated mozzarella piled high on it. The noteworthy point is that while the pizza itself is hot, the additional cheese on top isn't. Before you add this to your menu, here are some pros and cons to consider.

Pro: Its Trendy Nature May Attract Customers

Cold cheese pizza is fairly trendy among pizza lovers, thanks in part to those who post images and videos of this pizza variety on social media. There's a good chance that many of your prospective customers have heard about cold cheese pizza but haven't yet tried it. This means that when you add it to your menu, you can expect that a lot of people will visit your establishment to see what the fuss is about.

Con: It's Not Ideal the Next Day

A lot of people order pizza with the intention of eating some immediately and finishing the rest the following day after heating it up. Cold cheese pizza may be tasty at the time that a customer gets it delivered, but it's not ideal the next day once it's heated. The pile of cold cheese on top will melt, creating a gooey mess that isn't really representative of how a thin slice of pizza is supposed to be.

Pro: It's Quick to Prepare

Unlike some varieties of pizza that require extensive preparation time in the kitchen, cold cheese pizza is relatively fast for your kitchen staff to prepare. Whether they're serving it by the pie or by the slice, it's simply a matter of baking a normal thin-crust pizza and then adding cold cheese to the top immediately before serving. This can keep your kitchen moving quickly when your restaurant is busy.

Con: Some Customers May Be Confused

The unconventional nature of cold cheese pizza could create confusion among your customers in certain instances. For example, if a customer sees the mention of cheese but overlooks the word "cold," he or she might order the pizza and then not wish to eat it. This is a small problem for dine-in patrons, but it's a major issue for those who take the pizza home before making the discovery.

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