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Tips For Renting A Private Restaurant Venue For Special Events

No matter what type of special event you're planning, from an intimate family gathering or a large reception, a restaurant may be the perfect venue for you. Many restaurants offer private event space that you can rent by the hour or day, depending on your needs.

When choosing the ideal restaurant venue for your party, narrow down your top choices by finding out how many guests they can accommodate, especially if you're planning a big celebration. Also ask what the rental costs will be, if they offer both indoor and outdoor space, and if alcohol is allowed on property if these factors are important to you. 

A restaurant will make a suitable venue for a wide variety of special events, including birthday and holiday parties, graduation and anniversary celebrations, and bridal and baby showers. One advantage to these spaces is that you won't have to have the menu catered and brought in by an outside source, since all of the food will be made onsite. 

Here are some tips to consider when choosing and renting a private venue space:

1. Decide on Cuisine Type 

The number one factor to consider when picking your venue is the type of cuisine the eatery serves. Go with a cozy Italian, modern Japanese, eclectic Greek, or intimate French restaurant, depending on your or the celebrant's favorite type of food. 

For a child's party, stick with a restaurant that serves up a kid-friendly menu, such as a local pizza parlor. If you're inviting vegans, vegetarians, or people with food allergies or dietary restrictions, make sure that the eatery offers some options for them. 

Ask ahead of time if the restaurant provides will provide dessert, such as a birthday cake or cupcakes, or if you'll have to bring it in yourself. 

2. Ask About Decorations 

If decorating the party space according to the occasion or event theme is important to you, ask the restaurant if it's allowed. Although you probably won't be able to hang your own lighting, you can enhance the tables with candles in themed holders, vases of fresh flowers, or even your own linens and tableware. 

3. Confirm Logistics 

The last thing that you want are any last-minute surprises on your big day, so confirm how many guests the restaurant can comfortably seat at their table. If you need more space, the venue may be able to offer an outdoor area or an adjoining dining room.

Arrange to have additional table and chair sets, which you can rent from a party rental company, brought in as needed. 

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Exploring Pizza Oven Options

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