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Things That You'll Quickly Love About Southern Biscuits

If you're from the northern part of the country, you're likely well-acquainted with dinner rolls. They're served alongside many dishes and can be a tasty addition. When you visit the south, however, one thing that you'll quickly learn is that biscuits are far more popular than rolls. Biscuits are an integral part of southern cuisine, so you'll want to make a point of trying one or more whenever you visit a restaurant. Known for their denser texture than dinner rolls, as well as their buttery finish, biscuits are something that might quickly rise toward the top of your must-eat list. Here are some things that you'll love about biscuits.

They're Heartier

One big thing that you'll appreciate about biscuits is how hearty they are, especially when you compare them to how satiated you feel upon eating a traditional dinner roll. Biscuits are flaky, but they're also dense, which means that just consuming one can be filling. As a side dish that frequently comes with all sorts of meals, you'll like how a biscuit before, during, or after your meal will help you to feel fuller. This can especially be ideal for those who have large appetites.

They Make For Good Sandwiches

Although biscuits are perhaps best known as a side dish, you'll frequently find that they're also available on restaurant menus as the foundation for sandwiches. If you're used to consuming sandwiches on bread or buns, you'll enjoy trying your favorite sandwich ingredients put between two slices of biscuit. A common biscuit sandwich in southern restaurants consists of a piece of fried chicken on a biscuit. Toppings may include lettuce and tomato, but you'll often find unconventional sandwich toppings such as coleslaw, too.

They Have An Enticing Taste

While you can argue that conventional dinner rolls taste good, especially when you slather butter on them and they're served hot, you'll often find that biscuits have a taste that is far more enticing. The big difference that you'll notice when you bite into a biscuit for the first time is that it has a buttery flavor. The buttery taste intensifies when you brush some butter onto a hot biscuit. Some southern restaurants have different styles of biscuits, often with various ingredients baked into them. For example, you might find a biscuit that has pieces of bacon, green onions, and cheese included in the batter to make for a tasty, memorable bite.

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Exploring Pizza Oven Options

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