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Kosher Meals For Your Family Reunion

If your Jewish heritage involves strict dietary guidelines and you have only consumed kosher food since you were a baby, planning on where you and your loved ones will share a celebratory meal during a family reunion is important. Do a little digging to help you discover a restaurant that serves a wide array of kosher items and that offers a setting that will allow you and your family members to dine comfortably.

Choose A Preferred Restaurant

Some restaurant owners advertise that the only types of food that they serve are kosher varieties. A business owner who is Jewish or someone who follows Jewish practices will be selective when purchasing cuts of meat and fish and will only choose non-hybrid vegetable or fruit varieties.

If a restaurant that serves only kosher foods is not located in the town where the reunion will take place, check out some other restaurant types. Many of them may offer a separate menu that lists kosher dishes that you and your family will be comfortable eating. 

Get The Seating You Desire

A private gathering deserves all of the attention to detail that you expect. Dining in a packed restaurant may not be very relaxing and it could cause undue stress, especially since you and your loved ones will likely want to speak candidly to each other without needing to project your voices or try to hear one another over the voices of the other diners. Your kosher dining party can be held in a private dining room or outdoors on a private deck or patio, as long as the dining establishment offers these accommodations.

Ask for information about the meal preparation methods. Ensure that meat products have been butchered in a humane manner and that items are salt-cured to your specifications. Ask where produce, dairy, and meats are acquired from, if this information is important to you. If you would like each of your family members to be able to choose their own entrees and appetizers, reserve space at the restaurant and acquire a menu.

Make copies of the menu and include one with each invitation that is sent to the guests who you are inviting to share the meal with you. After your family members have replied to you and have chosen their kosher meals, call the owner or head cook of the restaurant to order the meals for the reunion.

Reach out to kosher food restaurants in your area to learn more about your options.

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Exploring Pizza Oven Options

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