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If You've Never Eaten By The Ocean, Keep These Issues In Mind

Oceanfront dining can be really nice. The soothing sound of waves, the lovely sunsets if you're there in the evening, and the overall relaxed nature of it all can make a meal feel refreshing. Those who live near the coast know that being by the ocean can bring with it some conditions that they need to plan for. But for tourists and new residents, these conditions might not seem that obvious, and they can affect any dining plans those people have. If you're planning to go to an oceanfront restaurant for the first time, keep a few tips in mind to make the experience more fantastic.

Check When High Tide Is

Some oceanfront restaurants are really beachfront establishments, with lots of beach sand between the water and the building. But for true oceanfront restaurants that line the shore close to the water, high tide can make for an amazing experience, with one caution. High tides can often send waves right up to the windows of the restaurant, and on a gorgeous, calm day, the sight of those waves is indescribable, in a very good way. You and your dining partner, if you go with someone, might end up watching the waves more than talking!

But do be careful if strong storms are forecasted. An oceanfront restaurant may close in those circumstances to keep staff and customers safe, affecting your plans. Others might stay open, but the sight of rough waves right outside your window could look more alarming than exciting. You might like the sight, but be sure your dining partner does, too.

What's the Seagull Factor?

If you're eating outside, either due to distancing regulations or simply wanting fresh air, you'll need to be aware of the seagulls. The restaurant might take a few steps to block the gulls, such as having the seating under a fully covered area with plants and other obstacles lining open sides. But if the seating area is more open, be prepared to stare down gulls that are fixing to steal your food. Gulls are notorious for this, but the advice now is to stare at gulls near you. Noticing them seems to make them back off – although many gulls are determined to get your meal anyway.

Sun Protection

For restaurants where you sit inside, notice if the place provides shades on the windows so you can block glare or heat. If you're sitting outside, look for umbrellas and overhangs that provide protection from the sun. Those will make your oceanfront dining experience a lot more comfortable. A sunny day may seem nice at first, but after a half hour, you might be grateful for the ability to retreat into the shade.

A meal by the ocean should be a memorable experience because of the beauty and good food. Plan for the right day and protect yourself from the sun, and the meal should go well. Keep these tips in mind when looking for oceanfront dining services near you.

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