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Restaurants With Catering: 3 Ways To Prepare For Leftovers

Hiring a catering service for a party or event can come with many perks. You don't have to cook and can enjoy a wide range of food options. As the host of the event, you also get to enjoy any of the leftovers that guests leave behind. If you plan to order from catering service restaurants in the near future, then learn some of the ways to prepare for leftovers.

The preparation can help ensure you make the most out of the leftovers and can enjoy the food for extra days after the event. Check out some of the ways to prepare and make the most out of your leftovers.

1. Use Meal Prep Kits

Typically, restaurant-catered meals will come on large serving platters. Instead of placing the platters inside your fridge, you can help accommodate the leftovers easier with the use of meal prep kits. The kits typically come with portioned containers so you can split up meals. Put together fully portioned meals with main entrees and a few sides.

The meal prep kits allow you to easily pull out a meal when you want it and heat it up. You do not need to pull out a whole platter again just to make a meal. A prep kit also makes it easy to pack meals on the go. For example, you could take meals with you to work throughout the week.

2. Clear Out Your Freezer

Sometimes if you eat too much of the same thing at once, you could get sick of the meal. Instead of forcing yourself to eat everything within the same week, you have the opportunity to freeze leftover meals and thaw out the food in the future. Before the date of your catering, you should clear out your freezer to ensure you have plenty of space.

Remove older items and reorganize the area to fit plenty of the leftovers. Then use freezer bags or containers to store some of the leftovers in the freezer. Once you are ready to eat the items, you can pull them out, let them thaw, and heat up the food however you like.

3. Ask For Take-Out Supplies

If you want to share your leftovers with others, then you have the opportunity to ask restaurants to give you some take-out supplies with your catering orders. Many restaurants already have take-out boxes available.

The restaurant may include its own branding and restaurant information on the take-out containers to encourage future orders. Along with take-out boxes, a restaurant may include disposable forks, knives, and spoons to help eat the food while on the go.

Contact a restaurant with catering services to help plan your meals and ensure you have plenty of options to choose from for your next big event.

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